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Nouvelles récentes

Viewpoint: Graphene Doping Reaches New Levelsnew icon
DOI: 10.1103/Physics.13.161, Author(s): Michael M. SchererNew experiments with doped graphene take the two-dimensional material beyond its “Van Hove singularity” to regions that may host exotic states of matter.[Physics 13, 161] Published Mon Oct.... 2020-10-19 10:00:00 Michael M. Scherer

Astrophysics team lights the way for more accurate model of the universenew icon
Scientists demonstrated the first use of a method called self-calibration to remove contamination from gravitational lensing signals. The results should lead to more accurate cosmological models of the universe. 2020-10-19 16:49:44

Elections and cyberspace: are democracies in danger?
16.10.20 - EPFL Professor compares digital disinformation to the issue of climate change, asking whether we are past the point of no return to fix the problem. With just weeks to go before the 2020 U.S. election, and in the wake of an aggressive effo.... 2020-10-16 17:23:38

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