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  • 20505 Wound Care: A Scandal-Scarred Biomedical Firm and Its Government Patrons
    MiMedx drove sales of its tissue grafts through improper means to the Department of Veterans Affairs and other clients, according to former employees. Gretchen Morgenson of The Wall Street Journal investigates the alleged fraud and the help the company got from its friends in government. [anonymous]
  • 20504 Hong Kong’s Status as Global Financial Hub Under Threat
    A proposed extradition bill is raising fears that Beijing will encroach on Hong Kong’s legal independence. Can the city remain an attractive financial hub for international companies? Photo composite: Sharon Shi [anonymous]
  • 20503 Video Shows Iranian Ship Approaching Damaged Tanker, U.S. Officials Say
    U.S. military officials released a video showing what they said was an Iranian patrol crew removing an unexploded mine from a tanker that was attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. Photo: U.S. Navy [anonymous]
  • 20502 'Deadpool' Actor Ryan Reynolds Discusses His Side Hustle as an Entrepreneur
    In the debut interview of the WSJ's Business of Celebrity series, actor Ryan Reynolds talks to WSJ News Editor Lee Hawkins about how he built his acting career and his recent purchase of stake in a liquor company, Aviation Gin. [anonymous]
  • 20501 Opinion: Census Citizenship Fight Heats up in Congress
    The aim of House Democrats’ census ‘oversight’ is to influence the justices. Image: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20500 Opinion: Pompeo Blames Iran for Gulf Tanker Attacks
    On June 13, 2019, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presented a timeline of Iranian attacks against U.S. interests over the last month. Image: AP [anonymous]
  • 20499 Secretary of State Pompeo Blames Iran for Attacks on Tankers
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters Iran instigated attacks on two fuel tankers in the Gulf of Oman early Thursday. The attacks started fires, and crews on the vessels were evacuated. Pompeo said Iran is executing a promise to interrupt the flow of oil from the Strait of Hormuz. Photo AP [anonymous]
  • 20498 Fuel Tankers Attacked in Gulf of Oman
    Attacks off the coast of Iran damaged two tankers early Thursday, causing fires and forcing crews to abandon both tankers. This is the latest in a series of attacks on tankers in the area, amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Photo: AFP/Getty Images [anonymous]
  • 20497 Opinion: Feldstein: Reagan Years Tax Reform Was Positive Experience
    On January 13, 2015, Martin S. Feldstein testified at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the state of the U.S. economy. In this clip he talks about the tax reform experience in the 1980s during the Reagan years. Image: AFP/Getty [anonymous]
  • 20496 Here's Where Some Lawmakers Hope to Reduce Trump's Power
    There may be a renewed effort to pullback some executive powers from the presidency and restore them to Congress. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib looks at three key areas. Photo: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20495 Huawei's Chinese Phones Are Also American
    The U.S. blacklisting of Huawei is cutting off American businesses from a big client. WSJ’s Dan Strumpf looks at the American technology that has powered the Chinese company’s smartphones. Photo composite: Sharon Shi [anonymous]
  • 20494 Opinion: The Trump-Biden Smackdown
    U.S. politics’ latest installment of reality television could run nonstop for the next 16 months if Biden survives the delightful mayhem of the Democratic presidential competition. Images: Getty/AFP Composite: Mark Kelly [anonymous]
  • 20493 Opinion: Hong Kong Protesters on Extradition Bill Outrage
    Wearing masks to hide their identities from the Chinese government, protesters in Hong Kong on June 12, 2019 explained their concerns over a bill that would allow extradition to mainland China. Image: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20492 Opinion: What Trump Can Learn From James Carville
    The White House would do well to remember James Carville’s phrase as President Trump’s re-election campaign revs up: It’s “the economy, stupid.” [anonymous]
  • 20491 CEO Paula Kerger on Handling #MeToo at PBS
    PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger talks about how the #MeToo movement unfolded at PBS, amid allegations against talk-show hosts Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley, and what she learned in the process. Photo: Natalia V. Osipova/The Wall Street Journal [anonymous]
  • 20490 Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters
    WSJ’s John Lyons reports from the streets of Hong Kong, where police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters demonstrating against a controversial extradition bill. Photo: Getty Images [anonymous]
  • 20489 Why the CIA Cultivated Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother as a Source
    U.S. officials have had a hard time gathering intelligence about North Korea. WSJ’s Andrew Jeong explains why they worked to tap the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother Kim Jong Nam before he was killed in 2017. Photo Composite: Crystal Tai [anonymous]
  • 20488 Bolton Weighs the Impact of China Tariffs
    White House National Security Adviser John Bolton discusses the economic impact of tariffs on Chinese goods at WSJ's CFO Network Meeting. [anonymous]
  • 20487 Opinion: ‘When They See Us’ Netflix Official Trailer
    Based on a true story that gripped the country, “When They See Us” chronicles the notorious case of five teenagers of color, labeled the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. Image: AP [anonymous]
  • 20486 Opinion: Big Tech Break-Up Could Be a Messy Affair
    On June 6, 2019, Gene Kimmelman, CEO of Public Knowledge and Carl Szabo VP of NetChoice, discuss the possibility of a Big Tech antitrust push by Congress against Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Image: AP [anonymous]
  • 20485 Opinion: Mexico's Obrador Gains From Trump Trade Deal
    President Lopez Obrador managed to stave off President Trump's tariff plan by agreeing to deploy the National Guard to the southern border of Mexico. Image: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20484 Opinion: Hong Kong Protest Organizers Video Message to Authorities
    Organizers of Sunday's protest in Hong Kong release a video of local people explaining how they would become fugitives from China under the proposed extradition law. Image: Civil Human Rights Front [anonymous]
  • 20483 Opinion: Hong Kong Protest: Clashes Erupt Between Citizens and Police
    Citizen-shot mobile phone footage of clashes in Hong Kong during what was largely a peaceful protest against government efforts to extradite citizens to mainland China. Image: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20482 One Dead After Helicopter Crash-Lands on Manhattan Building
    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said there is no on-going threat to the city, after a helicopter crashed onto a midtown Manhattan building at 787 Seventh Avenue. New York City Police and Fire departments are investigating. Authorities confirm one person died in the crash. Photo: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20481 Conservative States Seize Opportunity to Challenge Roe v. Wade
    With the recent appointments of two conservative justices to the Supreme Court, conservative state lawmakers are working to overturn Roe v. Wade. WSJ’s Supreme Court Reporter Jess Bravin takes a look at key Supreme Court decisions about abortion. Graphic illustration: Laura Kammermann [anonymous]
  • 20480 Trouble on American Farms Could Mean 2020 Concerns for Trump
    Trade fights and heavy flooding are hurting American farmers. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib explains why that could become a political issue for President Trump's 2020 campaign. Photo: AP [anonymous]
  • 20479 Beijing Not Budging After Hong Kong's Massive Protest
    An estimated million or more people in Hong Kong protested a bill that would let Beijing extradite people to stand trial in mainland China. WSJ's John Lyons looks at the territory's future as Beijing signals no retreat. Photo: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20478 Tariffs Could Toast The Avocado Market
    Nearly a quarter-century since NAFTA went into effect, U.S. consumption of avocados has risen around 460%. The vast majority of the avocados eaten in the U.S. come from Mexico and tariffs could bite into the fruit’s popularity. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports. Photo: Getty [anonymous]
  • 20477 What Is Modern Monetary Theory?
    Most people think government borrowing is a problem. But according to Modern Monetary Theory, it creates income for households and businesses. Whether this is good or bad depends on the state of the economy and how the money is used. Barron's Senior Reporter Mary Childs explains. [anonymous]
  • 20476 Opinion: Joe Biden: 'I can no longer support' Hyde Amendment
    After four decades supporting the Hyde Amendment—which prohibits federal funding for abortions—Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has changed his mind. Image: Getty [anonymous]