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Rules, Rescheduled Games and a Covenant Worth Preserving
The Premier League has finally resisted the temptation to pretend the 2019-20 season never happened. Doing so would have ruptured the bond between fans and the sport, perhaps forever. 2020-05-29 23:20:55Rory Smith

A Danish Soccer Team Invited 10,000 Fans to a Zoom Watch Party
When Denmark’s top league returned from its pandemic suspension, one club decided the best way to keep its socially distant fans connected was a gameday videoconference. 2020-05-29 17:58:09Tariq Panja

Champions League Final to Be Moved From Turkey
Club soccer’s biggest event will be held at a new venue amid ongoing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. 2020-05-30 05:03:41Tariq Panja

English Premier League Plans to Resume June 17
The most-watched league in the world will return, pending a signoff from health authorities, but will play in stadiums without fans and with stringent health protocols. Italy’s top league also announced its return. 2020-05-28 19:39:48Tariq Panja

N.W.S.L. Plans a One-Month Season: 25 Games in Utah
The top American women’s soccer league said it had arranged to return to the field next month. But will all of its stars show up? 2020-05-27 23:01:51Andrew Das and Andrew Keh

Soccer’s Landscape Was Already Shifting. Then an Earthquake Struck.
Over the last 20 years, some once-grand clubs have been left behind by insurgents with new money and big ideas. In Germany, their fate may be a harbinger of what is to come after the shutdown. 2020-05-28 16:49:14Rory Smith

The Coronavirus Patient Had a Question: Don’t You Lead a Soccer Team?
The president of Sporting Clube de Portugal, Frederico Varandas, is a former military doctor who returned to duty to assist in the nation’s battle against the coronavirus. 2020-05-24 21:08:43Tariq Panja

Being More Like Athletic Bilbao
By only recruiting local players, the Basque club has not only forged a unique identity, it has generated a mind-set among its fans. It may now be a helpful path for others to tread. 2020-05-22 22:12:18Rory Smith

Sexual Abuse Case in Global Soccer Puts FIFA Under Scrutiny Again
A year after similar accusations led to the ouster of a top soccer official in Afghanistan, global soccer faces calls to do more to protect athletes after another case in Haiti. 2020-05-22 17:49:16Tariq Panja

He Had Picked the Last Day of His Career. Now It May Never Come.
The Spanish striker Aritz Aduriz seemed to have been given the perfect way to say goodbye to his 20-year career. Then the pandemic struck, and now he may just fade to black. 2020-05-20 21:48:24Rory Smith

Yes, Those Were Sex Dolls Cheering On a South Korean Soccer Team
FC Seoul wanted to add a little festivity to an empty stadium. Instead, it’s apologizing to fans. 2020-05-18 14:16:56Choe Sang-Hun

This Is What Watching Sports Looks Like Now
In Germany, soccer returned with games in empty arenas, forcing a nation of fans to cheer their clubs from afar. Can we learn to love this new reality, at least for a while? 2020-05-18 06:00:12Rory Smith

The Bundesliga Is Back. Why Isn't the Premier League?
The return of matches is not so much proof of German soccer’s greed or its smooth running as it is a testament to a broader political reality. 2020-05-15 21:47:08Rory Smith

The Biggest Weekend of Live Sports on TV in a Long Time
Yes you heard that right. NASCAR, German soccer, U.F.C., horse racing and golf will be live. 2020-05-15 16:48:20Victor Mather

The Making of Marcus Rashford
The Manchester United star has put his shoulder behind an effort to make sure children don’t go hungry during lockdown. He’s doing it, he says, because he knows the feeling. 2020-05-14 05:00:08Rory Smith

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Returns to Milan; Fans Return to Taiwan Baseball
No, Ibrahimovic is not returning to play soccer in Sweden, his home country. Plus: A top soccer team in China folds, and fans return (carefully) to the baseball stands in Taiwan. 2020-05-12 00:37:16Victor Mather

As Contracts Expire During Shutdown, Players and Clubs Ask: Now What?
On June 30, most contracts in European soccer expire, and that will put hundreds, if not thousands, of players out of work. For the vast majority, the future is anything but certain. 2020-05-11 05:00:07Rory Smith

Andrés Iniesta Plots a Return to Barcelona, Where the Beauty Is Gone
Iniesta turned from aspiring schoolboy to soccer icon on a Barcelona team that captivated the world. Now in Japan, he hopes for a return to a club plagued by infighting. 2020-05-12 15:00:22Tariq Panja

Soccer Arrives at a Fork in the Road
The coronavirus seemed to offer the game the chance to take one of two paths, toward two very different futures. Fairly predictably, it is hurriedly turning down the wrong one. 2020-05-08 22:00:08Rory Smith

Germany’s Bundesliga to Return May 16
The league will be the focus of the soccer world when play resumes. Its fate may determine what happens to sports well beyond Germany’s border. 2020-05-07 17:40:42Tariq Panja

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