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Contact Tracing With Your Phone: It’s Easier but There Are Tradeoffs
Lots of new app ideas are emerging to track Covid-19, but each has issues around privacy, location accuracy and how much appeal it will have to the public and to health officials. 2020-06-04 12:09:32Matt Richtel

HBO Max: How Do I Get it If I Already Have HBO?
Almost 35 million people have HBO. But not all of them can get HBO Max. Here’s what you need to know. 2020-05-27 20:39:59Edmund Lee

HBO Max Is Here to Take On Netflix. Is It Too Late?
AT&T’s streaming platform goes live on Wednesday. At $15 a month, it’s more expensive than its rivals and comes at a time when household income is dropping. 2020-05-27 13:03:15Edmund Lee

Keeping Clients Fit During the Pandemic by Going Virtual
What to do with a business that involves close physical contact with clients? Innovate and, if you’re lucky, grow — but at a distance. 2020-05-26 15:30:45John Hanc

The Joy of Deleting My Many Mediocre Photos
Like Frankenstein’s creature, they trail us across time and terra. Let’s set ourselves free. 2020-05-18 04:09:03Caity Weaver

The Joy of a Junky Old Nintendo
Why Super Mario Bros. brought me to tears. 2020-05-18 04:08:40Lesley M. M. Blume

The Joy of Perfecting the Sexy Selfie
Some people are raising little sourdough bread children. I am learning photography. Learning is learning. 2020-05-18 04:06:02Aminatou Sow

Coronavirus Means Bigger Gaming Sales, but Less Production
The coronavirus pandemic is offering mixed news and new challenges for gaming companies, both independent and corporate. 2020-04-27 03:02:10Jason Schreier

Facebook to Introduce an App for Gaming
Video games are surging in popularity in the pandemic. So Facebook is rolling out an app designed for creating and watching live gameplay. 2020-04-19 16:03:41Seth Schiesel

Apple, in a Virtual Unveiling, Introduces a $399 iPhone
The new iPhone SE has the design of an older generation of iPhones, with the same computing power as newer ones. 2020-05-07 18:58:16Brian X. Chen

The Virus Revealed Our Essential Tech (and Weeded Out the Excess)
A computer with a good internet connection, communication apps and entertainment are the only tech we really need, ever. 2020-04-15 09:00:22Brian X. Chen

The Art (and Awkwardness) of a Virtual Haircut
My husband’s hair was looking shaggy. So were my bangs. A hairstylist came to our rescue — or did she? — over video chat. 2020-04-13 09:00:24Erin Griffith

Track Down the Mystery Person Who Just Texted You
“New phone, who dis?” 2020-04-12 21:30:05Whitson Gordon

How to Make the Perfect Playlist
Need something fresh to listen to? Maybe something inspiring? These tips will help. 2020-04-10 21:30:06Tyler Hayes

Coronavirus Contact Tracing: Apple and Google Team Up to Enable Virus Tracking
The technology giants said they would embed a feature in iPhones and Android devices to enable users to track infected people they’d come close to. 2020-06-03 20:19:46Jack Nicas and Daisuke Wakabayashi

The Humble Phone Call Has Made a Comeback
The volume of phone calls has surged more than internet use as people want to hear each other’s voices in the pandemic. 2020-04-09 16:43:02Cecilia Kang

Disney Plus Racks Up 50 Million Subscribers in 5 Months
The Hollywood colossus has been crippled by the pandemic. Its upstart streaming service is one exception. 2020-04-09 04:17:02Brooks Barnes

My Long, Unending Journey to Find Perfect Office Equipment
Ergonomics are important, but remember, there’s no one solution for everybody. 2020-04-11 19:59:26Eric Ravenscraft

The Lesson We Are Learning From Zoom
The popular app offered the simplest path to videoconferencing in a pandemic. That doesn’t make it the right path to take. 2020-04-08 18:26:23Brian X. Chen

When a Gaming Fantasy Is Eerily Close to Reality
Plague Inc. has been around for eight years. In the coronavirus crisis, it’s tapping into fears but also offering comfort. 2020-04-08 09:00:30Stephen Totilo

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