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12134 Science Trump Administration Moves to Lift Protections for Fish and Divert Water to Farms
The Trump administration eased protections on a small California fish, allowing water to be diverted from its estuary habitat to large Central Valley farms. [Coral Davenport]
12133 Science Who Drank the Kool-Aid? How Children Get Hooked on Sugary Drinks
Misleading marketing and labeling may confuse parents about the health value of many juices, a new report finds. [Andrew Jacobs]
12132 Science Fossil Fuels on Trial: New York’s Lawsuit Against Exxon Begins
After four years of investigation and finger-pointing, a trial about whether Exxon Mobil misled investors about the financial risks of climate change begins on Tuesday. [John Schwartz]
12131 Science Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to Partner With 3 Companies on NASA Moon Lander
The start-up launched by the Amazon founder will work with three older space companies in its bid to carry American astronauts back to the lunar surface. [Kenneth Chang]
12130 Science The World Can Make More Water From the Sea, but at What Cost?
As more places face a scarcity of fresh water, desalination is seen as a possible answer.  But energy and financial requirements limit how widely it can be used. [Henry Fountain and Jamie McGre]
12129 Science Quantum Computing Is Coming, Bit by Qubit
With transmons and entanglement, scientists strive to put subatomic weirdness to work on the human scale. [Dennis Overbye]
12128 Science The Loudest Bird in the World Has a Song Like a Pile Driver
When a mate approaches a male white bellbird in the Amazon, he whips around and sings his piercing tune right in her face. [Cara Giaimo]
12127 Science $260 Million Opioid Settlement Reached at Last Minute With Big Drug Companies
The deal involves large pharmaceutical distributors and Teva, resolving cases that sought redress from the devastation caused by two decades of opioid abuse. [Jan Hoffman]
12126 Science The Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Acidified the Ocean in a Flash
The Chicxulub event was as damaging to life in the oceans as it was to creatures on land, a study shows. [Lucas Joel]
12125 Science Carl Safina Is Certain Your Dog Loves You
Animals have rich emotional lives, the ecologist argues. The evidence is “right in front of your eyes.” [Claudia Dreifus]
12124 Science What Causes a Mysterious Paralysis in Children? Researchers Find Viral Clues
In one study, nearly 70 percent of children with the disease had antibodies to common enteroviruses that usually produce mild effects but can sometimes cause neurological problems. [Pam Belluck]
12123 Science Add ‘Pseudo Thumb’ to the Aye-Aye Lemur’s Bizarre Anatomy
Hiding in the weird creature’s palm was something that scientists had missed. [JoAnna Klein]
12122 Science Be Humble, and Proudly, Psychologists Say
Humility is not the boldest of personality traits, but it’s an important one, studies find. And it’s hard to fake. [Benedict Carey]
12121 Science Steps to Prevent Dementia May Mean Taking Actual Steps
Brain-training apps can’t match the several ways that exercise benefits the mind, research shows. [Austin Frakt]
12120 Science Dr. Bernard Fisher, Who Revolutionized Breast Cancer Treatment, Dies at 101
He brought an end to the routine use of the debilitating radical mastectomy. He later battled false allegations of scientific misconduct. [Denise Gellene]
12119 Science Hikers Find Mystery Skeleton on Remote Mountain in California
The remnants of shoes and a belt found with the bones may offer investigators useful clues. [Heather Murphy]
12118 Science Why NASA’s First All-Women Spacewalk Made History
Two women on Earth, Jessica Bennett and Mary Robinette Kowal, had a chat about two women astronauts in medium-sized spacesuits. [Jessica Bennett and Mary Robin]
12117 Science W.H.O. Continues Emergency Status for Ebola Outbreak in Congo
New cases are down to 15 a week from a high of 128 in April, but outbreaks are still popping up in remote and dangerous mining areas. [Donald G. McNeil Jr.]
12116 Science New Energy Secretary Fits Trend: Cabinet Dominated by Lobbyists
President Trump said he would “drain the swamp,” but with the elevation of a former auto lobbyist to be energy secretary, he is sticking to the trend of filling his cabinet with Washington insiders. [Lisa Friedman]
12115 Science NASA Astronauts Complete the First All-Female Spacewalk
Jessica Meir and Christina Koch ventured outside the International Space Station on Friday to replace a power controller. [Karen Zraick]
12114 Science Zantac Recall Widens as Sanofi Pulls Its Drug Over Carcinogen Fears
The company’s announcement follows decisions by Walgreens, CVS and others to remove the drug from their shelves and after other manufacturers recalled their products. [Katie Thomas]
12113 Science A ‘Menopause Champion’ at Work? Yes. You Also Get Paid Leave.
A British broadcaster says its new menopause policy will help free up a “taboo” subject and close what has been called the “gender pain gap.” [Anna Schaverien]
12112 Science NASA’s First All-Female Spacewalk Makes History
Two women on Earth, Jessica Bennett and Mary Robinette Kowal, had a chat about two women astronauts in medium-sized spacesuits. [Jessica Bennett and Mary Robin]
12111 Science NASA Astronauts Conduct the First All-Female Spacewalk
Jessica Meir and Christina Koch ventured outside the International Space Station on Friday to replace a power controller. [Karen Zraick and Jacey Fortin]
12110 Science Una olvidada versión nazi del DDT podría ayudar a combatir la malaria
Científicos han redescubierto un compuesto desarrollado por investigadores alemanes durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Parece ser más efectivo y quizás más seguro que el DDT. [Kenneth Chang]
12109 Science Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change
The San Francisco Fed warned that banks, communities and homeowners face significant financial risk from climate change and offered proposals for banks to do more to help. [Christopher Flavelle]
12108 Science Juul Suspends Online Sales of Flavored E-Cigarettes
Facing multiple inquiries into its marketing practices and its role in the rise of teenage vaping, the company suspended internet access to mango, cucumber and other pods. [Sheila Kaplan]
12107 Science Parents Should Limit Sports Participation for Children, Trainers Say
Young athletes are practicing too hard in just one sport, increasing the risk of injuries and burnout. New guidelines urge parents to reduce the intensity. [Roni Caryn Rabin]
12106 Science Lee Botts, Champion of the Great Lakes, Is Dead at 91
Her environmental work touched practically every drop of water and every mile of shoreline in the Great Lakes basin and educated numerous people in its ecology. [Keith Schneider]
12105 Science In Oregon Wine Country, One Farmer’s Battle to Save the Soil
Agriculture can play a leading role in combating climate change and reversing ecological damage. Mimi Casteel is showing one way to get it done. [Eric Asimov]