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Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?
The answer so far appears to be no. But some online education tools are likely to stick around. 2020-05-20 02:09:55Jon Marcus

College Made Them Feel Equal. The Virus Exposed How Unequal Their Lives Are.
When they were all in the same dorms and eating the same dining hall food, the disparities in students’ backgrounds weren’t as clear as they are over video chat. 2020-05-05 10:03:34Nicholas Casey

College Chatbots, With Names Like Iggy and Pounce, Are Here to Help
Schools are elevating the use of virtual assistants whose speed and tone can simulate text conversations. 2020-05-08 19:37:39Laura Pappano

What Will College Be Like in the Fall?
Administrators, professors, a union representative and students consider the new realities of life on campus in the midst of a pandemic. 2020-06-03 09:00:28Emily Bazelon

Falling Into the Gap Year
With next semester a question mark, more graduating high school seniors are considering deferring college. But what will they do instead? 2020-05-28 16:02:01Alyson Krueger

Risky Strategy by Many Private Colleges Leaves Them Exposed
Chasing after a shrinking pool of wealthy students by increasing spending, and now vulnerable to closure because of the pandemic. 2020-05-28 16:46:43Kevin Carey

Remember the MOOCs? After Near-Death, They’re Booming
The pioneering online learning networks offer hard-earned lessons for what works and what doesn’t with online education. 2020-05-26 07:00:10Steve Lohr

Another Casualty of the Coronavirus: Summer Internships
Like so much else, summer internships have been upended by the pandemic, with hundreds of companies canceling their programs and rescinding offers. 2020-05-28 01:08:37David Yaffe-Bellany

Pick a Card and Be Transported: 7 Board Games From Around the World
Design the Sagrada Família in Barcelona or wander through Edo-era Japan. These games are about learning and exploring, not winning. 2020-05-22 09:00:39Stephanie Rosenbloom

Rhody McCoy, Key Figure in New York’s School Wars, Dies at 97
He headed the Brooklyn district where teacher transfers in 1968 sparked a bitter, racially-charged dispute over union seniority and community control. 2020-05-21 22:02:45Sam Roberts

University of California Will End Use of SAT and ACT in Admissions
The change is expected to accelerate the momentum of American colleges away from the tests, amid concern that they are unfair to poor, black and Hispanic students. 2020-05-24 15:48:23Shawn Hubler

Trump’s Dilemma: Reject DeVos Debt Forgiveness Rollback or Anger Veterans
Nancy Pelosi sent the president a bipartisan resolution to reverse his education secretary’s tightening of student debt forgiveness rules. He must decide whether to sign it during an economic crisis. 2020-05-20 22:18:27Erica L. Green

Child Vaccinations Plummet 63 Percent, a New Hurdle for N.Y.C. Schools
Parents have hesitated to take children to doctors’ offices, but students will have to meet immunization requirements to attend school in the fall. 2020-05-22 01:00:49Eliza Shapiro

Not Everyone Hates Remote Learning. For These Students, It’s a Blessing.
“At home, it seems to be a bit easier to focus on all the work,” said one eighth grader who was struggling in school. “Everything in general is easier.” 2020-05-20 18:08:03Elizabeth A. Harris

A Visual Dispatch From One of the World’s Most Remote Islands
The inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha, which sits in the remote waters of the South Atlantic, are insulated from the coronavirus by an immense moat. 2020-05-25 12:16:30Andy Isaacson

Glitches in A.P. Tests Online Add to Students' Worries
Technical problems with the digital versions of the Advanced Placement exams caused angst for high school students and parents at an already stressful time. 2020-05-18 20:24:37Jenny Gross

How to Throw Graduation Parties Now
Students, parents and alumni are making graduation a special occasion, even in a pandemic. 2020-05-18 14:05:01Ronda Kaysen

Richard Gilder, Donor to Parks, Museum and History, Dies at 87
A successful investor, he was a major benefactor of Central Park, the New-York Historical Society and the Museum of Natural History. 2020-05-14 18:48:49Sam Roberts

An Intimate Look at Italy’s Saffron Harvest
In the Abruzzo region of Italy, harvesting the lucrative spice is a centuries-old tradition, infused with a deep-seated passion for the land and its history. 2020-05-14 21:46:40Susan Wright

After 274 Years, Princeton Will Have Its First Black Valedictorian
Given Princeton’s troubled history with slavery, the valedictorian said he hoped the achievement “serves as inspiration to black students coming up behind me.” 2020-05-12 04:37:04Corey Kilgannon

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