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Radical Survival Strategies for Struggling Colleges
Mergers, acquisitions, shorter degree programs and major shifts in course offerings are just some of the tactics being employed to lure more students. 2019-10-10 09:00:20Jon Marcus

Going to College? Take Their Advice
We asked readers about their college experience, and what they wish they had known sooner both inside and outside the classroom. 2019-10-10 09:00:41The New York Times

Voters Near Baton Rouge Want Better Schools. First, They Need a New City.
A group has tried unsuccessfully for years to create a new school district in East Baton Rouge Parish. This time, they want to establish a city of their own. 2019-10-10 22:59:21Rick Rojas

This Top Gifted and Talented School Is Integrated. Is It the Future?
With New York sharply divided over gifted education, some parents point to a school in Harlem as proof that selective schools can be integrated. 2019-10-10 23:00:09Eliza Shapiro

Penn State Fraternity Suspended After Teen’s Death
Members of the Chi Phi fraternity were believed to be present at an off-campus house — not the fraternity’s official house — where a 17-year-old went into cardiac arrest and died on Saturday, the university said. 2019-10-23 02:55:23Mihir Zaveri

High Schools to TikTok: We’re Catching Feelings
Teens love the app, and now it’s getting the stamp of approval with teacher-approved clubs. Did school just get ... fun? 2019-10-20 18:48:00Taylor Lorenz

Samuel Hynes, Professor Whose Books Taught Lessons of War, Dies at 95
He wrote about Yeats and Auden, but as a former pilot in World War II, he was best known for exploring the reality of battle. 2019-10-21 15:46:59Sam Roberts

The Fight to Desegregate New York Schools
Can the largest public school system in the U.S. educate students fairly if it’s also one of the most segregated? 2019-10-23 00:51:41

Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Citywide Scramble as Classes Come to Halt
A walkout in the nation’s third-largest school district canceled instruction across Chicago. It was uncertain how long the strike might last. 2019-10-18 04:44:15Mitch Smith and Monica Davey

California Tells Schools to Start Later, Giving Teenagers More Sleep
A new law pushed back start times at most public middle and high schools, citing research that says attendance and performance will improve if teenagers get more sleep. 2019-10-15 14:33:58Christine Hauser and Isabella Kwai

ACT Change Will Allow Students to Retake Individual Sections
Starting next September, high schoolers won’t need to repeat the entire ACT exam to improve their score. 2019-10-08 22:10:54Anemona Hartocollis

Do Works by Men Implicated by #MeToo Belong in the Classroom?
Two years after the rise of the #MeToo movement, educators continue to grapple with how to deal with writers and artists accused of abuse. 2019-10-15 18:21:15Emma Goldberg

Harvard Won a Key Affirmative Action Battle. But the War’s Not Over.
More than 40 years after the Supreme Court first weighed in on race-conscious admissions, the fight remains as fractious as ever. 2019-10-04 21:36:32Anemona Hartocollis

A Teenager Killed Himself After Being Outed as Bisexual. His Family Wants Justice.
The family and classmates of Channing Smith, a high school junior, said his death was a result of “social media bullying” and called for a thorough investigation. 2019-10-01 15:03:04Emily S. Rueb

Caltech Gets a Windfall for Climate Research: $750 Million
The gift from Stewart and Lynda Resnick, the billionaire owners of bottled water and agriculture companies, comes amid growing urgency over climate change. 2019-09-26 15:35:14Dana Goldstein

Mattel, Maker of Barbie, Debuts Gender-Neutral Dolls
The “Creatable World” dolls can be styled with short or long hair, and skirts, pants or both. 2019-09-26 12:56:00Maya Salam

A School Put an Autistic Boy’s Desk in a Bathroom, Setting Off a Debate on Stigmas
The 11-year-old student was given a desk over a toilet as a quiet place to do schoolwork. The school’s superintendent said the “idea was well-intentioned.” 2019-09-25 18:00:40Emily S. Rueb

College Admissions Scandal: Parent Gets 4 Months in Brazen Scheme
Devin Sloane, who is accused of paying $250,000 to get his son into college, was the second parent sentenced in the sweeping case, after the actress Felicity Huffman. 2019-09-25 11:18:16Kate Taylor

Poor Schools Keep Getting Crushed in Football. Is It Time to Level the Playing Field?
A growing number of states are considering whether economic status should help determine which opponents schools play. 2019-09-22 21:38:16Timothy Williams

M.I.T. Media Lab, Already Rattled by the Epstein Scandal, Has a New Worry
Former researchers for a “food computer” initiative at the lab say the project’s leader misled outsiders about how it was going. 2019-09-23 08:23:55Noam Cohen

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