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  • 12644 Laptop doesnt recognize wireless card anymore
    Hello, I'm quite new to Fedora (a month or so), and i decided to give it a go on my older laptop as well. The problem is that at some point the pc decided that the wireless card wasn't there anymore; it was working fine on win8. Is there a way to know if it's just the card that died or i... [hekva]
  • 12643 Finding Mystery Job
    Hello, I am searching for a process running every 10 minutes that connects to a Windows Active Directory (Domain). I cannot find it on root's cron. Things I know: * The account name its trying to use to authenticate on the Windows Domain. * It is running every 10 minutes on a specific... [micahel8773]
  • 12642 F29: No network after kernel upgrade
    Code: --------- # journalctl -r Dec 21 10:10:11 fedora systemd[1]: Stopped Network Manager. Dec 21 10:10:11 fedora systemd[1]: NetworkManager.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1. Dec 21 10:10:11 fedora systemd[1]: NetworkManager.service: Service RestartSec=100ms expired,... [boycottsystemd]
  • 12641 After yesterday's DNF UPDATE, no display - text or graphical (ASUS GL702ZC)
    Yesterday I did a dnf update, and today the 4.19.9-300.fc29.x86_64 does not boot at all.. After boot manager, NO output whatsoever. the previous entry in grub works, the 4.19.8-300.fc29.x86_64.. that's what I'm on now. Any other sufferers? [tkalfaoglu]
  • 12640 Malicious commands and Ubuntu Forums
    The article that have spoken about Linux malicious commands that was posted in Ubuntu Forums was restored, but who accessed this link yesterday and this morning saw that this article has been deleted. Very strange! I also posted this topic in Debian Forums and Ask Ubuntu Estack Exchange:... [Computer]
  • 12639 NetworkManager Creating Bogus Interfaces & Cycling Real Interfaces ON/OFF
    I've got a problem with network manager and I need advice on how to fix it. I have a fresh install of F29 on bare metal and the network manager has been misbehaving. This has been an ongoing problem for me for several Fedora releases, where NM will consistently misbehave. I attempted a bare... [bob p]
  • 12638 No DNS when connected to WiFi
    I tried to find a solution on the forums but could not find one... I've just installed Fedora 29 and I have a problem connecting to the internet via WiFi. I can ping but not www.google.com. It works fine when I use wired network. Here are some info which may help: $ uname -r... [fifoo]
  • 12637 Gitlab authentication issue with Fedora 29
    Hi, I just updated from my very old Fedora 18 with a fresh installation of Fedora 29. Before I could easily access the git repositories I need with kerberos authentication, but now this does not seem to work. I can do "kinit" without error messages (after installing some krb5-packages): ... [Magnar]
  • 12636 No mediatomb in Fedora 29
    Hello, In previous Fedora versions I used mediatomb for a DLNA-server. With mediatomb I could select e.g. video-files in order to them on my Samsung Smart TV, which is connected to a Telenet internet Digicorder. How To Set Up A DLNA Server On Linux... [gastonv]
  • 12635 Is "edit as new" still in Thunderbird?
    Is the "edit as new" functionality still present in Thunderbird? (I can't even find the traditional "About" functionality, to conveniently say which version.) [tashirosgt]