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  • 1138 EPFL to host the International Physicists' Tournament 2019
    19.04.19 - Physics enthusiasts will descend on Switzerland for this year’s tournament, as the School defends the gold medal it won in 2018 – this time on its home turf. Between 21 and 26 April, EPFL will both host and compete in the International Physicists’ Tournament (IPT) 2019. The event w... [anonymous]
  • 1137 Taming the genome's “jumping” sequences
    18.04.19 - EPFL scientists have discovered how a family of proteins that regulates the activity of transposable elements in the genome allows them to make inheritable changes to the growing fetus. The human genome is fascinating. Once predicted to contain about a hundred thousand protein-coding gen... [anonymous]
  • 1136 Jamie Paik's robots to take the stage at the TED conference
    18.04.19 - Jamie Paik, the head of EPFL’s Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, will present her reconfigurable robots at the TED2019 conference in Vancouver on 18 April. Her miniature, versatile devices stand to revolutionize the way robots are used. It’s time to rethink our conception of robots. No lo... [anonymous]
  • 1135 A competition to design a sustainable Olympic Village for the future
    17.04.19 - On 3–4 May, EPFL will host a competition where students from universities around the world will have 24 hours to design an innovative and environmentally friendly Olympic Village drawing on various academic disciplines. This event is being held in partnership with the International Oly... [anonymous]
  • 1134 EPFL students engineer societal solutions in India
    16.04.19 - Twelve student volunteers, including those from EPFL and the EPFL + ECAL Lab, spent 10 days developing and testing four solutions to everyday challenges facing Bangalore residents as part of the India Switzerland Social Innovation Camp (INSSINC) pilot program. But the fruits of the stude... [anonymous]
  • 1133 Algorithms to enhance forest inventories
    15.04.19 - An EPFL doctoral student has come up with methods to map out forests more effectively using aerial remote sensing, in support of on-the-ground forest inventories. Forests are an essential component of the world's ecosystems and a key indicator of our planet's health. They provide... [anonymous]
  • 1132 EPFL through the eyes of three photographers in a book and an exhibit
    12.04.19 - To commemorate EPFL’s 50th anniversary, we commissioned three photographers and gave them carte blanche to portray our School as they see it today – and where it is headed. Catherine Leutenegger took stunning photographs of our science; Bogdan Konopka portrayed the architecture that ... [anonymous]
  • 1131 A spin-off's injectable implant takes top honors at Seed Night
    12.04.19 - Yesterday evening, Volumina Medical walked away victorious at the Start-up Champion Seed Night. CEO Amélie Béduer, along with 21 other entrepreneurs from all over Switzerland, had just 90 seconds to pitch the crowd of alumni and investors who had gathered at the Rolex Learning Center.... [anonymous]
  • 1130 The way people walk says a lot about how healthy they are
    11.04.19 - Gait characteristics are sometimes regarded as the sixth vital sign in humans. They serve as a valuable indicator of a person’s health, particularly in older adults – so why not measure them? A team of EPFL researchers is taking part in a major European project to design a device tha... [anonymous]
  • 1129 Leveraging technologies to address major societal challenges
    10.04.19 - Tech4Impact, founded in 2017, is EPFL’s pioneering multi-stakeholder platform where students, researchers, large enterprises, NGOs and startups come together to enhance the university’s social and environmental impact in the areas of education, research and innovation. Two years on f... [anonymous]
  • 1128 Lausanne Racing Team unveils an electric racing car
    09.04.19 - EPFL is set to make its debut in Formula Student this year, pitting a brand-new electric racing car developed by Lausanne Racing Team – and unveiled at an event at the Rolex Learning Center on Tuesday, 9 April – against other universities in races held across Europe. Just over a year... [anonymous]
  • 1127 New biologically derived metal-organic framework mimics DNA
    08.04.19 - Chemical engineers at EPFL have synthesized a biologically-derived metal-organic framework on which the hydrogen bonding that forms the DNA double helix can be mimicked and studied like never before. The field of materials science has become abuzz with “metal-organic frameworks” (MOF... [anonymous]
  • 1126 EPFL Extension School creates My Digital Future Fellowship
    08.04.19 - The Extension School is now offering fellowships for people interested in earning an online certificate in web development. No prior degree or training is required – participants will be selected on the basis of their drive and motivation. The fellowship program is open to Swiss reside... [anonymous]
  • 1125 How a startup plans to clean up space
    05.04.19 - Engineers working on the CleanSpace One project at EPFL’s Space Center have come up with a way of capturing and destroying the space debris that has built up over 60 years of low-orbit activities. That team has now founded a startup, ClearSpace, to further develop and market the techno... [anonymous]
  • 1124 Detecting pollution with a compact laser source
    04.04.19 - Researchers at EPFL have developed a simple mid-infrared laser source that can be used to detect pollution in the air or molecules in someone’s breath. Their system takes up considerably less space than the large ones typically used for such tasks. Researchers at EPFL have come up with... [anonymous]