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  • 2570 Women in STEM: Amy Rankine
    I first developed an interest in astronomy at high school during a project run by the University of St Andrews. I grew up in a small town on the East coast of Scotland, not far from St Andrews and so my high school was involved in the University’s First Chances project. The project was for pupils... [sc604]
  • 2569 Students submit tips on preparing for University interviews
    Current and former students offer tips on how to prepare for interviews and what to expect. Helpful hints range from chewing gum in the waiting room to relax, to wearing comfortable clothes and the advice covers the full range of Cambridge courses and Colleges. The website has been used more than 2... [ps748]
  • 2568 Wind more effective than cold air at cooling rooms naturally
    The researchers found that a temperature difference between inside and outside has a remarkably small effect on how well a room is ventilated when ventilation is primarily driven by wind. In contrast, wind can increase ventilation rates by as much as 40% above that which is driven by a temperature ... [sc604]
  • 2567 A decade after the predators have gone, Galapagos Island finches are still being spooked
    The study found that the finches’ fearful responses – known as antipredator behaviour - were sustained through multiple generations after the threat was gone, which could have detrimental consequences for their survival. The work by Dr Kiyoko Gotanda, a zoologist at the University of Cambridge,... [jg533]
  • 2566 Climate change could double greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater ecosystems
    Small shallow lakes dominate the world’s freshwater area, and the sediments within them already produce at least one-quarter of all carbon-dioxide, and more than two-thirds of all methane that come from lakes. The new research, published in the journal PNAS, suggests that climate change may cause... [jg533]
  • 2565 Saving ‘Half-Earth’ for nature would affect over a billion people
    As the extinction crisis escalates, and protest movements grow, some are calling for hugely ambitious conservation targets. Among the most prominent is sparing 50% of the Earth’s surface for nature. ‘Half-Earth’ and similar proposals have gained traction with conservationists and policy maker... [fpjl2]
  • 2564 Sir David Attenborough: "Our planet hangs in the balance"
    “It might seem like an obvious thing to say but we need to keep saying it: our planet is precious. It provides the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. You have only to take a walk through a forest and look up at its canopy to see the outstanding beauty and complexity of ecosystem... [lw355]
  • 2563 Hitachi and Cambridge renew 30 year research partnership
    The relationship will build on the 30-year partnership established with the University through the Cavendish Laboratory, home of the University’s Department of Physics, and will pursue deep science leading to the development of cutting-edge technology to develop a practical quantum computer. The ... [Anonymous]
  • 2562 Women in STEM: Dr Stephanie Höhn
    I work in an interdisciplinary research group including biologists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers. I path to this stage of my career was a little off the beaten track. Before my academic career, I worked as a legal clerk. This provided me with life experience but, seeking more intellectu... [sc604]
  • 2561 Visualising heat flow in bamboo could help design more energy-efficient and fire-safe buildings
    The building sector currently accounts for 30-40% of all carbon emissions, due to both the energy-intensive production of the materials (predominantly steel and concrete), and the energy used in heating and cooling the finished buildings. As the global population grows and becomes increasingly base... [jg533]
  • 2560 ‘Messy’ production of perovskite material increases solar cell efficiency
    Scientists at the University of Cambridge studying perovskite materials for next-generation solar cells and flexible LEDs have discovered that they can be more efficient when their chemical compositions are less ordered, vastly simplifying production processes and lowering cost. The surprising find... [erh68]
  • 2559 Ambitious project launched to map genomes of all life in British Isles
    The £9.4m funding will support a collaboration of ten research institutes, museums and associated organisations to launch the first phase of sequencing all the species on the British Isles. This will see the teams collect and ‘barcode’ around 8000 key British species of animal, plant and fun... [jg533]
  • 2558 GP clinics could help bridge mental health treatment gap, study finds
    The research was based on a trial in Indonesia, where patients often do not get the treatment they need due to a shortage of practitioners. The team at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health say the findings are also relevant to the UK and any other country with a long waiting time for mental hea... [cjb250]
  • 2557 Women in STEM: Vidhi Lalchand
      I was the first international doctoral student to be funded by the Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for artificial intelligence and data science. I’m currently pursuing my PhD in probabilistic machine learning; my research interests include Gaussian processes and their applica... [sc604]
  • 2556 Admitting practices of junior doctors may be behind ‘weekend effect’ in hospitals, study suggests
    The 'weekend effect' of increased hospital mortality has been well documented, including a 2015 study linking this to 11,000 extra UK deaths annually, which led to controversial contract changes for junior doctors as the UK government sought a “seven-day” National Health Service. But... [Anonymous]
  • 2555 'Upcycling' crowned Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year 2019
    Upcycling was chosen as the ‘Word of the Day’ which resonated most strongly with followers on the Dictionary’s Instagram account, @CambridgeWords. The noun – defined as the activity of making new furniture, objects, etc. out of old or used things or waste material – received more likes... [ta385]
  • 2554 Regeneration mechanism discovered in mice could provide target for drugs to combat chronic liver disease
    The mechanism, identified in mice, was discovered by researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Gurdon Institute. It has long been known that the human liver is one of the organs that can regenerate its own tissue after short-term injury. But chronic damage in conditions such as alcohol abuse, ... [Anonymous]
  • 2553 Opinion: Climate change, pandemics, biodiversity loss – no country is sufficiently prepared
    There’s little that the left and the right agree on these days. But surely one thing is beyond question: that national governments must protect citizens from the gravest threats and risks they face. Although our government, wherever we are in the world, may not be able to save everyone from a pan... [Anonymous]
  • 2552 Did the Sixties dream die in 1969?
    The Sixties are generally remembered as an era of freedom, innovation and visionary experience. It’s the period, after all, that gave us The Beatles, the Summer of Love, the civil rights movement, the Woodstock Festival and the Apollo 11 Moon-Landing. Scores of autobiographies, hagiographies and ... [ta385]
  • 2551 Women in STEM: Professor Marian Holness
    I was educated at state schools in Southampton before coming to Cambridge, where I gained my BA and PhD. I spent six years as a Postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, and have been a University Teaching Officer at Cambridge for the last 22 years. I am interested in processes that happen during the... [sc604]